Exclusive Asian Companion San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley

about me

I’m confident what you’ll discover once we meet will be much more satisfying than what I can only string together on this page. alas, all good love stories must start somewhere …

i have a beguiling and present-minded wit about me sure to keep you on your toes, yet i’m also tender, authentic and down-to-earth. you may find my energy palpable and magnetic, my intellect matched with that of thought leaders, and my inner-confidence and thoughtfulness infectious, leading me to build long-lasting relationships. it may be easy to find someone you love looking at, but at the end of the day, you’ll always remember how they made you feel. with me, you won’t have to sacrifice either.

i believe no true relationship should be based in ‘should’s or showing off, and I naturally inspire others to do the same. who are you at your core, when you’re off the ‘grid’, no longer playing out your roles? when you unplug with me, anticipate yourself feeling more joyous, confident, and whole, with the certainty to come back time and time again.

in my humility, what i thought was coincidental kept conceptualizing, over and over. this constant ringing true is why my nearest-and-dearest continue to come back – they’re alchemized and left better than they were found. my admirers quickly turn into lovers, feeling toward me a dedication, and even downright devotion. 

if you’ve read this much, perhaps it means you’re ready for your own love story. you’re holding the pen, and here I am I’m offering the page …

5’4” | 32C – 25 – 36 | asian-caucasian | all-natural with no enhancements
 | no tattoos or piercings other than ears

about you

you are not a number. I put compatibility and quality over quota-reaching. I choose connections where regard is cherished and sincerity is valued. When I say ‘yes’ to you, you’ll always know it’s true. You may be from another part of the world, or simply another culture-of-thought, but if you value integrity and shared curiosity in discovering and enjoying life, I have no doubt we’ll be a match. with everything you know now, your inclination toward a longer date is met with expectation and enthusiasm. I highly suggest booking a minimum 4 hour date where we can fully immerse in everything possible. i thrive in dates that are based on collaboration: i love hearing your favorite restaurants, places to sightsee and new locations for us to marinate in! I have a refreshing and eloquent way of conveying the world around me in moments that may otherwise seem banal. prompt us the logistics, ways to intrigue me, and watch the rest of the magic on my end unfold …

Exclusive Asian Companion San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley

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