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Exclusive Asian Companion Seattle

“It’s been a little over a year since we first met, and aside from being immensely grateful and privileged to know you for yourself, I must also recognize that you helped change my life for the better. Which I could not possibly have known when I chanced upon you, hoping at most for charm and trust… both of which I was quickly assured of. You were not a guide nor a muse — as effortless as those might be for you — but a companion, as we devoted time to each other and our interests. You were and are a compassionate, sincere, and observant confidant, with a disarming but tender wit, and an ease of familiarity and equal-footing. We never made the other feel less than wholly regarded. For your astounding beauty and sensuality alone, I’m amazed that we were lovers — our intimate time together could tend towards heady and fevered, though always present — but your warmth as a friend and your openness as a fellow human navigating this world is what I cherish most. You’re an absolute delight and I’m proud to know you. Thank you for your trust and continuing grace in my life.”

– E.V.

“You’re really, truly a one of a kind person. It’s not often in life that you encounter someone as connected and in tune with themselves and others the way that you are. You create an environment that is judgement free and easy to find comfort in. I feel enriched knowing you and I’m beyond happy that I reached out that first time. It’s hard to express how grateful I am for the experiences that we’ve had together and I look forward to more. The feeling I have when we part ways is precious, both unburdened and carefree. It is a privilege spending time with you. Thank you for all that you do, it is appreciated more than you know.”

– C.A.


You’ve made a difference in my life, unlike anything I could have expected.

The first time we met, I didn’t actually know what to expect. What I found was that you didn’t see me as a “client” but as a person, flaws and all, and you embraced me. And as we continued to meet and to chat online and via text, that grew into a real connection between us that allowed me to show up fully as myself.

Whether discussing the book you recommended or unpacking our past experiences and the effects they had on our present selves, the connection continued to grow and give me space to look honestly at myself and my interactions with you and others, and my thinking and feelings about a number of things changed in very positive ways.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about a companion such as yourself talking about healing… but having now experienced the kind of healing that you bring, I realize just how real it is and how fortunate I’ve been to know you.

Thank you, Olivia. You really have made a difference in my life.

With gratitude and love,


“On the surface, Olivia is captivatingly beautiful with a truly imaginative playfulness, which is what initially attracts many to her. I’ve known Olivia for almost a year now and, and as I’ve gotten to know her, the depth of her personality and intuition continues to amaze me, especially as we all navigate through these unprecedented times. She completely transcends all traditional definitions of what a companion has to offer with the potential for both physical and emotional self awareness.

Olivia blends a wonderful style and grace with the ability to connect on a deep emotional level. She is very open about her direct work with world-renown Shaman and spiritual mentor, which she seamlessly infuses into her relationships without being overtly ‘new age-y’. She has a natural intuition in her relationships with people, things and the world, giving her an innate empathic nature allowing her to be mindful in building great relationships. As we all continue to transform and adapt, whether through a global crisis or simply one’s own personal journey, Olivia also is open to evolving within these relationships, in which we’ve created a wonderful co-evolution.

Above all, Olivia has an authenticity that draws you in and makes you want to know more about her. What I’ve also come to realize is that this authenticity has helped me reflect on getting to know myself better as well. She has helped me be more present in my own relationships by doing the things that bring me true happiness – especially within relationships that are important to me, and most important of all: she’s taught me to be present with myself. I look forward to further building on this relationship with Olivia and continuing my own self journey with and through her.”

– J.I.

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