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My preferred screening method is having you provide two of these:

– a LinkedIn or work website

– a message sent from your work email to my unaffiliated and discreet email 

– P411 information

– Your ID (you can blur everything out but your name and photo)

– You can also provide your phone number and full name in addition – but not independent of – these options

*Please note using references will only be honored if i know the provider personally, and provider references cannot be used exclusive to the aforementioned methods above. thank you for your understanding


i love getting to know you before the possibly in meeting as it helps to build an natural chemistry. in your email, please provide the basic information: date duration, city you’d like to meet in, which days and times you’re available to meet, and also some info about yourself


please provide the sealed, discreet white envelope on the bathroom counter for me to receive when i freshen up

if we’re meeting in a public setting, you may place the envelope in a book, magazine, gift bag, etc.

prioritizing to be on time for such a special occasion is a treat, but I also understand things happen. i have a 20-minute grace period for all dates

petite brunette escort SF

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